Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Been a While

Hello slacker!
It has actually been 114 days since I posted last, but let me tell you, SO MUCH has changed! So where do I start??

Lets start where we left off..BABIES!!! Jamiee and I have decided the path we will take to complete our perfect little family! We have decided on a sperm bank that we will use and are going to be sending in our application in order to receive the donor profiles very soon! We are leaning towards using our tax returns to complete the process (which is a hefty little penny). We can’t wait; I tell Jamiee all the time that I actually have pretty much everything from the telling our friends and family, sharing the news on social media, to the baby shower planned out! Last night for instance we were at Taco Bell, while we wait on our food we like to read the sauce packets (You know you do it too!) and I found one that said, “Good things come in small packages”! I actually took it home just incase we wanted to use that for some special reveal in the future! We haven’t decided yet if we are going to invite people into our journey from the very start and let you guys know when we actually are ready to take the steps with the whole “we are now trying for a baby” or just surprise the heck out of everyone one day with a “HEY WE ARE HAVING A BABY!” Either way we can’t wait and we already have the names picked out, which leads me to my next big thing!!

Recently, I have been very into knitting! I have done different variations of it from loom knitting, to arm knitting, even boring ole knitting with needles (which takes a great deal longer than the other two). As I complete a project like a scarf or a hat I upload it to social media.

Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks that they actually look good!! HAHA I have gotten a lot of questions from friends about price, color, and if I can make one for them! This got me thinking…I enjoy making things and apparently I am not terrible at it sooo why not sell them and actually make some extra money on the side?!?! (Which I can save and put towards a sweet little baby.) So I went to Barnes & Noble, bought a book called The Girl’s Guide to Starting You Own Business and jumped in feet first..scared out of my mind! I am in the process of opening an online store through Etsy and a website! Which I hope to have up and running by the end of the day, if not I will be sitting in front of the computer all day tomorrow (Saturday) and it WILL be done! I hope to not only have scarves, hats, and other fall accessories but also jewelry and some other hand made things like personalized coffee mugs and rustic home d├ęcor *one thing at a time Kaela* Back to the baby name thing, when it was time to come up with a name for my new adventure I had no idea where I was going! One thing I did know was I didn’t want anything with my name in it like Kaela’s Knits or Knick Knacks. So I thought to myself, “If years down the road this thing does take off and I become the next Rachel Zoe *LAUGHS UNCONTROLABLY* what is a name that I would want to still be around and be proud of and still had some spunk to it?” I have known since I was about 12 that I want to name my daughter Emerson Mae (my mothers middle name) and Jamiee and I have decided we want to name our son Joseph Curtis (after her great uncle and grandfather) knowing that one day we will have these children in our lives I thought what better than to name my company after children I don’t have yet! Actually I thought that might be a little crazy and creepy, but after getting advice from some awesome people I decided why not! These are the names we will name our kids and why not have them come into this world with a (hopefully successful) mommy who named a company for them! So I give you EmmieJo Accessories, or EmmieJo for short!! I am so excited to be taking this next terrifying step in my career! I am taking something that I love and enjoy doing and turning it into a possible moneymaker, plus it’s a great way to pass the time at work! Which…

TRICIE’S TREASURES HAS MOVED!!! We have moved and expanded to a much better location! We are now on Stage Road verses on a side street off of Stage Rd. We have expanded to an actual antique mall rather than my mother in-law’s stuff with a few consignment pieces! We have about 50 vendors with 4 suites (soon to be FIVE)! All of our vendors are so sweet, some of them are experienced and have had booths before and some are newcomers, just now getting their feet wet in the antique world! We all work together to help each other out and its been such a blessing the past two months getting to know all of them! Jamiee and I have a booth, its so fun having another little thing that we do together in our spare time, plus that’s extra money in our pocket each month (refer back to baby funds)! I am learning so many cool things about antiques and collectibles!

We have also been redecorating our house, room by room and sprucing it up a bit! We just redid my closet/room, yes I’m spoiled but our closets are tiny! Next we are working on our laundry room area! It’s going to be so cute!

That’s about all the updates in the Johnson household! I swear I’m going to stay on top of this blog stuff and get back to my regularly scheduled posts! :)

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